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Verification & Participation


  1. For main session, all graduate /parent/committee members vehicle  will be parked  at PICC Basement Parking on first come first serve basis.
  2. Once PICC basement parking is full, PICC and RELA will temporary close and control PICC main entrance. Estimation closing time is between 9.30 am  – 10.00 am
  3. Only authorize vehicles ( UniKL shuttle  bas and van ) is allowed to go in.
  4. All vehicles especially for afternoon session then  to be diverted to My Expo and Precint 5 schools .
  5. No vehicles is allowed to be parked surrounding of PICC building . This in to ensure  no obstruction and smooth movement of SYDPA convoy entering PICC.
  6. The  main PICC Entrance will be re-opened after the departure of SYDPA and vehicles is allowed to be parked at PICC surrounding with control from UniKL’s security team.


UniKL’s shuttle services will commence once  the PICC main entrance is temporary close and vehicles for afternoon session is diverted to My Expo/ School.