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Scroll and Academic Transcript

Scroll, Transcript and Graduation Token

As you are in the Graduating Class of 2020, your scroll and academic transcript will be available to you upon the completion of your study this year subject to clearance of all outstandings monies.

Before collecting your Scroll and Academic Transcript, you have to confirm your attendance and choose method of scroll and academic transcript collection here. You have to confirm your attendance by 24th DECEMBER 2020.

Table below outlines convocation fee inclusive payment for your scroll and transcript. If you have not collected your deposit, you may set off the amount against your convocation fee.

If you are not attending, your deposit will be returned after deducting the amount for scroll and transcript. 

You may apply to attend the convocation ceremony next year.


Attendance CategoryConvocation Fee (RM)* Courier Charge (RM)TOTAL (RM)
ATTEND25050 (within Malaysia)300
ATTEND250150 (International)400
NOT ATTEND18050 (within Malaysia)230
NOT ATTEND180150 (International)330

* The Courier charge is applicable if you requested for the scroll and transcript to be couriered. For collection at institute (self-collect or by representative), you just have to pay for the convocation fee.