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Thinking of visiting Putrajaya? If so you might want to know what are the top Putrajaya attractions.Putrajaya , Malaysia’s federal administrative capital, is a modern planned city with construction having started in only the late 1990s and no expense has been spared in creating a world class modern living and working environment. It might not be the most exciting city on the planet but it sure is pretty.

About 38% of the city’s 4900 hectare area has been set aside as green areas and indeed its parks are, in my opinion, the top Putrajaya attractions. A central feature to the city is a man-made 650 hectare lake whose tentacles extend into wetland zones, boating and water sports areas. The lake is designed to cool down the city as well as help with flood control and water purification. Spanning these stretches of water are some spectacular bridges which are illuminated with changing coloured lights at night. Add to this a number of grand Government buildings,
mosques, palaces and monuments and you have a visually appealing cityscape. Here is suggested list of 10 of the top Putrajaya attractions.

  • Government Complex
  • Bridge
  • Sisiran Putrajaya
  • Persiaran Perdana
  • Accomodation
  • Parks
  • Lake & Wetland
  • Eateries & Shopping
  • Cruise Tasi
  • PICC