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Registration Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM)

Registration with Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM) for Bachelor of Engineering Technology & Bachelor of Engineering Graduands

The Bachelor of Engineering Technology (for ETAC Approved Programme) and Bachelor of Engineering graduands with Malaysian Citizenship are INVITED to register with the Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM) as Engineering Technologist (for Bachelor of Engineering Technology) and Graduate Engineer (for Bachelor of Engineering) following the successful completion of your studies.

For interested International applicant, you have to submit your application direct to BEM.

The registration fee is RM50 (Ringgit Malaysia Fifty Only).

This is the final year where the Board of Engineering Malaysia (BEM) is allowing for BULK REGISTRATION in which the submission of your application will be done through Universiti Kuala Lumpur in bulk. We hope graduates of class 2020 to take this opportunity.

Application for BEM Bulk Registration for 2020 is open until 2 December 2020 (11.59 PM). It will be processed within the following deadlines:

Submission Deadline Date
First Submission Deadline7 October 2020
Second Submission Deadline4 November 2020
Third Submission Deadline2 December 2020 (Final)

Any application received after the deadline, will be forwarded to the next submission deadline except for December which will be the final submission.

Click here for steps to register with BEM via Bulk Registration.

Download and fill-up form A1 or A2 below before proceed with your online application.

Form A1 Graduate Engineer (for Bachelor of Engineering)

Form A2 Engineering Technologist (For BET)

Click here to apply